About Gardens

This Beautiful Gardens site features four garden settings at three different locations. They have different kinds of gardens and a wide variety of plants. All of the Beautiful Gardens pictures were taken by me.

Balboa Park

Balboa Park

San Diego, California

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Cedar Valley Arboretum

Cedar Valley Arboretum

Waterloo, Iowa

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UC Irvine

UC Irvine campus

Irvine, California

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Desert Garden

Desert Garden

San Diego, California

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After taking in the pictures on this site I encourage you to find out more about the gardens using the Links page.

About Website

The Beautiful Gardens website was developed as a static site generator boilerplate for use on my innermind website. Rather than going the Lorem ipsum text with dummy images route, actual content was used to give a better feel for what a website would look like. The boilerplate can be used as a starting point for a static generated site or just serve as an example of how a site of this type can be done. The source code to this website and how to use the code can be found on the Beautiful Gardens Github page .

Features Include

  • Gulp.js task runner for automation
  • Uses Bootstrap CSS framework
  • Panini flat file generator for compiling HTML and layouts into HTML pages
  • Templating using Handlebars
  • SASS to CSS conversion
  • CSS Autoprefixing
  • Sitewide CSS and JavaScript output to single files
  • CSS and JavaScript file minification
  • Choose Bootstrap CSS and JavaScript components to use in project
  • Supports using certain CSS and JavaScript files only on specific pages
  • Watch for file changes to recompile
  • Live reload browser with BrowserSync
  • Separate handling of images in picture gallery
  • Responsive light gallery supporting touch and swipe navigation with jQuery lightgallery
  • Cross-browser CSS animations with animate.css
  • Table sorting with jquery.tablesorter.js (FORK)
  • Scroll to top of page
Gulp.js Bootstrap Panini Handlebars SASS Autoprefixer BrowserSync Node.js