Plant list

This is just a small sample of the plants in the gardens featured on this site. The type is how I chose to categorize each plant. The table columns can be sorted by clicking on the header.

Plant Type Garden
Candelabra tree tree Desert Garden
Golden Barrel cactus succulent Desert Garden
Aloe succulent Desert Garden
Agave succulent Desert Garden
Quiver tree tree Desert Garden
Joshua tree tree Desert Garden
Dragon tree tree Desert Garden
Boojum tree tree Desert Garden
Ice Plant groundcover Desert Garden
Monstrose Peruvian apple cactus succulent Desert Garden
Pencil cactus succulent Desert Garden
Crown of Thorns shrub Desert Garden
Palo Verde tree Desert Garden
Queensland bottle tree tree Desert Garden
Leucadendron shrub Balboa Park
Snapdragon flower Balboa Park
Redbud tree Balboa Park
Coral tree tree Balboa Park
Pink Tulip tree tree Balboa Park
Canary Island pine tree Balboa Park
Rose flower Balboa Park
Lily flower Balboa Park
Orchid flower Balboa Park
Wisteria shrub Balboa Park
Cherry tree Balboa Park
Moreton Bay fig tree Balboa Park
Bromeliad groundcover Balboa Park
Dwarf Sweet Pea Bush shrub Balboa Park
Apple tree Cedar Valley Arboretum
Cherry tree Cedar Valley Arboretum
Maple tree Cedar Valley Arboretum
Oak tree Cedar Valley Arboretum
Redbud tree Cedar Valley Arboretum
Rose flower Cedar Valley Arboretum
Daylily flower Cedar Valley Arboretum
Zebra Grass grasses Cedar Valley Arboretum
Pampas Grass grasses Cedar Valley Arboretum
Clematis flower Cedar Valley Arboretum
Petunia flower Cedar Valley Arboretum
Hibiscus flower Cedar Valley Arboretum
Serviceberry shrub Cedar Valley Arboretum
Viburnum shrub Cedar Valley Arboretum
Moreton Bay fig tree UC Irvine
Red Crape Myrtle tree UC Irvine
California Sycamore tree UC Irvine
Pink Tulip tree tree UC Irvine
Redbud tree UC Irvine
Rose flower UC Irvine
Bearded Iris flower UC Irvine
Jacaranda tree UC Irvine
Canary Island pine tree UC Irvine
Orchid flower UC Irvine
Aloe succulent UC Irvine
Bougainvillea flower UC Irvine
Honeysuckle shrub UC Irvine
Doctorbush shrub UC Irvine